Tae'yong Lee,
Warrior of Light;
Warrior of Darkness

Seeker of the Sun,
the Azure Shadowbringer

Basic Info

Nicknames: Tae, Tyong
Birthname: L'lune Fhey
True name: Acantha (Azem)
Nameday: 1st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Hometown: Costa del Sol, eastern La Noscea (Jenova)
Current home: P58 W19, Mist (private estate) P47 W10, Mist (shared estate) Kobai Goten #62 Wing 1 W14, Shirogane (apartment)
Age: 20 (Calamity) 25 (ARR); 28 (ENW)
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: She/they
Orientation: Bisexual
Disciplines: Dragoon, Dark Knight, Fisher, Dancer, Bard, Scholar, all-rounder
Likes: G'raha Tia, spearfishing, music, dancing, sewing, swimming, gardening
Headquarters: Neo Culture Tech (NCT)
Margaritaville 127, W14 P48, Mist Subdivision

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Tae'yong Lee was born to an L tribe Seeker family of musicians, dancers, and fishermen in Costa del Sol. Upon taking up adventuring as a lancer she chose the name Tae'yong, which translates to "the great dragon - a protector, a keeper of peace - yet they can be fierce when their loved ones are threatened," a name befitting of the future Azure Dragoon and Hydaelyn's chosen one.Aside from adventuring and primal-slaying full-time, Tae'yong is a gentle, caring soul, and spends her free time fishing, gardening, making music, clothing, and jewelry, and practicing traditional eastern dance.Tae'yong is a resilient, battle-hardened warrior, but is also emotionally sensitive and attuned to those she cares for. She is known to dote upon new friends even on the first meeting. She is not afraid to give her heart out to others and is more full of love than anything else, which draws to her life-long friends, admirers, and lovers alike.Tae'yong is married to the Sharlayan scholar G'raha Tia, having informally tied the knot just before the fateful events at the Crystal Tower. She gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Refia, while hiding in secret under the care of House Fortemps in Ishgard. Their second child, a son named after G'raha's Allagan ancestor Desch, was born after returning to the source from the First. Refia and Unukalhai - Elidibus's young disciple from the Thirteenth - are shards of the sundered soul of Eunomia.L'lune - now going by the name Tae'yong - is the youngest of four children and the younger twin. Her elder siblings L'nophlo, L'bhen, and twin L'phel work out of Costa del Sol and Limsa Lominsa for privateers, airships, and the Fishermen's Guild.

As Azem, the traveler, Acantha was a free-spirit and a bit of a troublemaker, preferring to seek out the large expanse of the star and learn of its people to gain a greater understanding of life and culture instead of remaining in stuffy meetings with the other convocation members. A dearest friend to both Hades and Hythlodaeus, Acantha was known to get away with a lot of reckless decisions thanks to their help.Acantha was Themis' lover, having spent many years of their youth together before he ascended the seat of Elidibus, the Emissary. They had a child together, a young daughter named Eunomia, who would often accompany Acantha on her worldly expeditions.Acantha vehemently opposed the decision for Elidibus to become the heart of Zodiark, vacating her seat of Azem upon learning it was too late. At the End of Days Acantha wandered Etheirys with Eunomia until their souls were sundered, while Elidibus was separated from the heart of Zodiark but his memories greatly lost - their family split and never to meet again as they were, but would unknowingly cross paths again in the future...

hello! i'm angel and i'm tae'yongs momager. i'm surprisingly shy, but open to making new friends always! feel free to shoot me a friend request in-game or holler at me on twitter where i just shout into the abyss 24/7. my hours are irregular but im online every day unless im out of town or ill!i'm an all-rounder mentor but my specialty is battle/PvE in normal content. i can also craft ALMOST anything in the game including hq, specialist and turn-in kits. if you ever need help learning a job, getting into raids and other endgame content, or want some crafted glam, gear, furniture, or food, just let me know! im currently behind on 6.x crafts, but i can craft anything released through 6.1.i blatantly ship tae'yong with g'raha tia (married to g'raha lee) and also my azem with elidibus (and tae'yong with elidibus honestly they make me insane), but feel free to ship your wol/oc with her i don't mind. i don't rp but if we are mutuals you are welcome to include tae'yong/acantha in your headcanon backstory, lore, or ships as long as it is generally non-offensive. please ask before using them for anything nsfw though.if her name rings a bell yes, i named my wol after lee taeyong from nct (my entire free company as well) he is my kpop malewife please dont tell him i turned him into a gay fantasy catgirl. unfortunately i gave her a twin and then got into league of legends and made their birthnames resemble alune and aphelios because i am insane.


Tae'yong's adventure began in Gridania, where she put her La Noscean harpooning skills to use in the Lancer's guild. Her determination and talent culminated as she took up the Azure Dragoon title while fighting for Ishgard in the Dragonsong War.Tae'yong joined G'raha Tia and the NOAH group on the Crystal Tower expedition, taking a particular liking to the fellow Miqo'te immediately. The eccentric Raha complemented Tae'yong's more reserved personality, and the two became inseparable. Tae'yong found herself falling in love with the bright scholar, spending hours wrapped in Raha's arms and picking his brain, learning of his fascination with ancient Allagan history. G'raha began to fall for Tae'yong as well, serenading her with his honey-sweet voice the songs passed down through his family, and dreaming of the day he could join her on an adventure and show off his own marksmanship. Despite putting her trust in Raha's decision to seal himself within the tower, Tae'yong has vowed to save her ill-fated lover and reunite with him again someday.While seeking refuge in Ishgard, Tae'yong gave birth to hers and G'raha Tia's first child - Refia Lee. In order to keep the baby out of harm's way during the Dragonsong war her birth was kept secret from the public, and Refia was safely escorted back to Costa del Sol and fostered by Tae'yong's biological family during the next three years of war. None but the Scions, Aymeric, Haurchefant, and Estinien were aware of the Warrior of Light bearing a child. After succeeding in the liberation of both Doma and Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire, Tae'yong was spirited away to The First to save the Scions as well as purge the Flood of Light from the doomed star in order to prevent the Eighth Umbral Calamity.Wary of the Crystal Exarch's secretive ways, she trusted that her new but familiar friend would help lead her on the path to success and away from the Scion's predetermined destruction. The battle at Mt Gulg and the truths revealed thereafter left Tae'yong shaken, desperate to find a way to bring not only the Scions back to the Source, but also the Exarch - whose true identity was none other than her dear G'raha Tia.With unwavering resolve, Tae'yong willingly rejoined her soul with Ardbert and triumphed over Emet-Selch - his true identity being the powerful ancient "Hades" - and the original "Warrior of Light" Elidibus, and successfully prevented the coming of the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Reunited with her friends and lover back on the Source and now bearing hers and G'raha Tia's second child, Desch Lee, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn move forward to a new future, and prepared to stop the coming End of Days spearheaded by the Telophoroi.Tae'yong and the Scions stood up against the stubborn Sharlayan to abate the coming of the Final Days, though despair and destruction began to spread over Hydaelyn after defeating Zodiark on the moon. A final meeting with the shade of Elidibus on the First tossed Tae'yong through time and space once again to the research facility Elpis many millennia before the sundering of the star Etheirys, where they met the former selves of Hades, Hythlodaeus, and Hermes who would become the next seat of Fandaniel, as well as Venat, the prior Azem, learning that she would become none other than the Mothercrystal Hydaelyn herself.Tae'yong and Venat narrowly escaped a failed plan by Hermes to wipe the memories of the party learning of the End of Days found at the edge of the universe by Meteion. Returning back to her time, Tae'yong held onto the secrets of the Star's future she left with Venat, realizing that after all these years the Mothercrystal had been protecting her dearest chosen one until their final meeting. Deeming the Scions worthy of her blessing to carry on the will of the Star, Hydaelyn allowed them to travel to the dark reaches of Ultima Thule to restore hope and dynamis to the beings of the universe.After losing all of her beloved friends and family to Meteion's despair, Tae'yong walked to journey's end alone, carrying the weight of all those lost as well as those still needing to be saved, holding onto the hope left with her in her Azem memory crystal, she summoned forth Hades and Hythlodaeus, restoring the Scions from the ether and with the unlikely help from Zenos-Shinryu, defeated the Endsinger. A bloody and brutal fist-fight with Zenos at the end of the universe left Tae'yong only breaths from certain death, but she was ultimately summoned back to safety with the Scions, successfully averting the Final Days once and for all and restoring hope to the citizens of Etheirys.After their final battle, the Voidsent bound to Zenos returned to the Thirteenth - with the help of Hannish alchemists the Scions found a way to safely travel between the Source and the Void. Restoring the Voidsent to her original "memoriate" form and donning the name Zero, Tae'yong worked alongside the strange woman to re-teach her humanity, kindness, and what it means to be a friend. Tae'yong, Zero, and the Scions discovered one of the First Brood, Azdaja, was captured by the Voidsent Golbez, and after defeating his Four Archfiends they faced Golbez as he summoned Zeromus from Azdaja's aether. The defeat of Zeromus and discovery of Golbez's past as the memoriate Durante led Zero and the Scions to forge a new allyship, and a new path to restore the Thirteenth to a livable star as well as the beginning of establishing successful travel between the remaining shards of Etheirys.See you in Dawntrail!